Little Theatre Cinema in Bath release new Dementia Friendly Cinema screening dates

The next set of Dementia Friendly screenings will be:

9 to 5

Monday, 10th February 2020

Little Women

Monday, 2nd March 2020

The Girl Can’t Help It

Monday, 6th April 2020

The remaining Dementia Friendly screenings for 2020 are on the following dates (film titles are to be confirmed):

  • Monday, 4th May
  • Monday, 1st June
  • Monday, 6th July
  • Monday, 3rd August
  • Monday, 7th September
  • Monday, 5th October
  • Monday, 2nd November
  • Monday, 7th December

Dementia Friendly Screenings aim to provide a fun and inclusive experience, enable people with dementia and their carers to attend the cinema in a safe and comfortable environment, and give them the chance to get out and socialise with people from the local community and other people in a similar situation.

These events are open to everyone, but are enhanced to suit the needs of people with dementia. The lights are left on low, there will be no adverts, and people are free to move around, take a break if needed or sing along to any musical numbers!

There will be free tea, filter coffee and biscuits from 10.30 so people can come and get settled into the space, then the film starts at 11am (with no adverts or trailers). There will also be an interval for 20 minutes half way through the film when free tea & coffee will be served again.

Tickets are £4 per person, with accompanying carers free and can be booked in person at the cinema, over the phone on 0871 902 5747 or online at www.picturehouses.com. Wheelchair spaces are limited so please book in advance to make sure they are available.

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