The Coventry and K&SDAA – Power of Attorney event 6th November

When people are given a diagnosis of dementia many lives change but one important difference is that ultimately the subject of the diagnosis will need someone else to make important decisions on their behalf.

Keynsham and Saltford Dementia Action Alliance (K&SDAA) whose main task is to make Keynsham and Saltford more dementia friendly have joined in a charitable partnership with The Coventry Building Society in Keynsham to help raise the profile of those living with dementia and the challenges it presents. To that end they will be present for most of the day at The Coventry in High Street promoting their work but supporting the Society in helping to make the public more aware regarding Powers of Attorney on November 6th.

The Coventry managers Stacey Hatherall and Sarah Morgan told us “Here at The Coventry we pride ourselves on the service we provide with Savings & Mortgages. However we also serve our members & our Community in other areas such as Power of Attorney.

Over recent years we have seen an increase in Power of Attorney enquiries. We feel this is an area we can support & help our Community with, using the knowledge & skills we have in our Keynsham Branch.

We are having an Awareness Day on Wednesday 6th November between 10:00-15:00 where our Community partner KSDAA will also be joining us.

If you’d like to know more, feel free to pop in!”

Chairman of Keynsham and Saltford Dementia Action Alliance Alan Hale told us “We are most grateful to The Coventry for their support and partnership and look forward to this ‘awareness day’.  I hope that we will meet many people at the event on November 6th.”

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