Keynsham and Saltford DAA – Generous Support

The national Dementia Action Week of May 20th – 26th proved to be a very financially beneficial for the Keynsham & Saltford Dementia Action Alliance (DAA).

On the Monday the chairman of the DAA Alan Hale was invited to attend a meeting of the Saltford Morning WI at Saltford Hall where the president of the WI presented him with a cheque for £1000. This was the culmination of a year of fundraising by the Saltford Morning WI though the majority of the money came from their efforts at the Saltford Christmas Fair 2018 with the sale of crafts.

WI President Merrial Knight told us “The WI was pleased to have the Keynsham and Saltford DAA as their charity and made the decision in my absence and unknown to me, to save me any concern as I am the secretary of the DAA. I was very grateful for their kindness.”

On the Tuesday the DAA held two ‘open door’ dementia friends sessions at St Dunstan’s Church Hall. The evening session was not well attended with only two people taking the opportunity to learn more about dementia and how it affects people living with dementia and how best to help those people.

One was a gentleman who revealed that he was attending the session because his wife had recently been diagnosed as having dementia and he wanted to take advantage of the free session to be better prepared. At the end of the session he rose to leave and thanked both of the presenters and handed an envelope to one of the presenters Vice Chair of the DAA June Brassington and then he left. After he had gone June opened the envelope and found a cheque for £1000.

June told us “I was absolutely surprised and amazed at this gentleman’s outstanding generosity. We are eager to ensure that our ‘Music for the Mind’ sessions are sustainable financially and this will go a long way to helping that to be so.”

The DAA run regular ‘Music for the Mind’ sessions on the second and fourth Thursday of each month between 1030 and 1215 at St Dunstan’s Church Hall. Anyone who has had a diagnosis of dementia is welcome together with their carer. It is all free and at the beginning of the session those there enjoy tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits as well as conversation. Then they move into a circle for the singing.

Chairman Alan Hale told us “These sessions are great fun and much enjoyment is had by those who attend and it is heart warming to watch people come out of themselves and sing along. However to meet the cost we are extremely grateful to the Saltford Morning WI for their efforts to support us and also to our benefactor on the evening of the Dementia Friends Session”

Featured photograph shows Alan Hale receiving the WI cheque from Merrial Knight – President of the Saltford Morning WI. The photo shows from left:
Merrial Knight (President), Alan Hale Chair of K&SDAA, Lynda Coles (Treasurer), Louise Martin (Secretary)

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