Keynsham Dementia Action Alliance meet with Keynsham Walking Football Club

Walking Football.

On June 1st, two members of the KDAA, Secretary Merrial Knight and Treasurer Mike Knight attended a special event at Keynsham Town Football Club where the members of the Keynsham Walking Football Club had raised money for three charities one of which was the KDAA and they presented a cheque to Mr & Mrs Knight for £500.

Keynsham Walking Football Club secretary Martin Coles told us “As a walking football club we have a great time, keeping fit and enjoying ourselves but it also enables us to help charitable organisations and it was good that this year we were able to help two local charities, one of which was the Keynsham Dementia Action Alliance. We recognise that dementia is a growing issue and we were pleased to help what is being done locally for those living with dementia.”

The KDAA are working towards making both Keynsham and Saltford Dementia Friendly and have recently distributed guidance booklets to High Street and Temple Street businesses giving advice to customer facing staff in order to make it easier for them serving those with dementia.

KDAA Chairman Alan Hale told us “We are most grateful to Keynsham Walking Football Club for their very kind donation. It will help us to make what we do sustainable and at the same time it will spread the word regarding the KDAA through the football club members and their friends and family.”

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